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11 Worst Bollywood Makeup Disasters, Do NOT Try This At Home!

Bollywood actresses are always under a glaring spot light and need to maintain a picture perfect look, every time they step out the door. But there are times when even some of the best actresses fall prey to poor makeup choices. This article will show you some celebrity makeup mistakes.

Let’s See Some Celebrity Makeup Malfunctions

1. Priyanka Chopra

Yes, we know that they weren’t big on the idea of the minimalist look back in the day, but honestly, how much makeup is too much makeup?

2. Sonam Kapoor

Normally a favourite with the style police, this petite actress found out hard way the perils of not blending in under-eye concealer properly.

3. Ameesha Patel

A minute of silence please for the tonnes of foundation boxes that were sacrificed behind this red carpet outing.

4. Celina Jaitley

The poker straight hair, the flat make up and the over use of foundation is making Celina Jaitley’s face look very plastic. Make up should be used to enhance the natural features, and not to make it look fake.

5. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Five bucks says that you won’t be able to count the bazillion layers of makeup the Nawab’s wife has donned in this picture in five minutes flat.

6. Kangana Ranaut

You know, how they always taught you the more, the merrier? Well, they lied. Especially when it comes to makeup, you do not want to take this phrase to heart.

7. Sridevi

Ah, Sridevi. If you are that keen on becoming BFFs with Yami Gautam, we are sure that there are subtler ways of going about it.

8. Aishwarya Rai

She wore a beautiful fuchsia gown to one of her Cannes appearances, but the makeup didn’t quite match. The bright coloured dress needs a little more toned down make up. The bright pink cheeks and the pink lipsticks are giving her an overdose of the colour. Maybe a subtle nude or neutral makeup could have done the trick.

9. Kareena Kapoor

The beautiful begum today has had her share of poor make up in the past. But then again it was a time when lipstick liner was a popular choice. But in this case the liner is stronger than the lipstick shade itself, making her lips appear too full and unnatural. Also her matching lipstick and eye shadow is clashing with the blush on her cheeks. Same colour all the way may not be such a great idea.

10. Deepika Padukone

With her gorgeous smile and dramatic eyes, Deepika looks beautiful no matter what. Even the thing amiss with this makeup is just that it could have been more matte. The effect of the light and the composition of the makeup is making her face look extremely oily. Seeing Deepika Padukone in bad make up is extremely heart breaking, right?

11. Bipasha Basu

She is known for her sporty attitude and confidence, but not much can be said about her makeup. Here her foundation is too light making her skin look too pale. It does not even match her skin tone and makes the face differently coloured than the neck and chest. The hair is pulled back too tightly, and the extremely narrow eyebrows are making her forehead appear too wide.

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11 Worst Bollywood Makeup Disasters, Do NOT Try This At Home! 11 Worst Bollywood Makeup Disasters, Do NOT Try This At Home! Reviewed by bollykeeda on November 24, 2018 Rating: 5

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