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8 Bollywood Actors Who Confronted Major Accidents During Shooting

We may have seen the grandeur and fabulous acting of the actors on the big screen, but have never though how much they put their effort to give the best shot just to make us, the audience happy and satisfied after watching the movies. In the course of shooting many actors have faced serious injuries and accidents. Below are some of the examples of such incidents:

1. Amitabh Bachchan during Coolie

The Big B of the industry whowas then termed as the ‘angry man’ of the industry faced a serious accident while shooting for the film Coolie. He was badly injured and even lost his consciousness and was in thehospital for several months. His health stopped functioning properly, and hewas not responding to the medicines for which the doctors announced him clinically dead. But with time he recovered completely and thereby continued with his films.

2. Shahrukh Khan in Fan and Dulha Mil Gaya

In both the films, SRK was injured. In ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’ the actor suffered an injury in his shoulder. After that, during the shooting of ‘Fan,’ he also hurt himself but that never stopped him from giving his 100% to the film.

3. Aamir Khan for the movie Dangal

This perfectionist never used anybody-double or dummy actor for his stunts and wrestling moves in the movie ‘Dangal.’ Though he got some training for performing such actions on the silver screen, he was injured. There are a few takes of the primary action scene in this movie and on the final take his shoulder got injured so badly that he was immediately taken to the hospital.

4. Sushant Singh Rajput in Dhoni’s Biopic

Sushant Singh is a true actor who was working for his movie ‘Dhoni’s Biopic’ during which he broke his ribs while shooting for the helicopter scene. He was hospitalized and was bed-ridden for a few weeks.

5. Aishwarya Rai for Khakee

She is indeed a brilliant actress who also faced severe wound while shooting for the scenes in the movie ‘Khakee.’ In the rehearsal, a jeep was about to stop in front of her making it a point that it must stop at some safe distance from the actress. But however, the driver of the car lost the control and accidentally hit the actress. She suffered a fracture in the left leg but soon recovered and joined the team for completing the shooting.

6. John Abraham in 'Shootout at Wadala'

It was one of the scariest escapes for John Abraham during the shooting of the climax scene of 'Shootout at Wadala'. Anil Kapoor by mistake shot a bullet at John Abraham from merely 1.5 meters away. But the actual distance was supposed to be 15 feet. The bullet grazed John's neck. His neck was burnt & wounds are still visible. Now my question is, 'why would you use a real gun for shooting, too dangerous'!

7. Ranveer Singh in 'Gunday'

'Gunday' wasn't the right choice for Ranveer on a personal & box-office level both. Ranveer 'Energetic' Singh suffered an injury not during an action sequence, but during a dance performance. During one of his dance steps, he landed on his face - and suffered a gash on his cheek & stitches as well.

8. Hrithik Roshan in 'Agneepath'

He is considered to be one of the most hardworking actors in Bollywood. While shooting for 'Agneepath' remake, Hrithik Roshan suffered a severe back injury. He also suffered a major head injury while shooting for 'Bang Bang'; for which he got operated upon as well

credits: zimbio

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