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Sara Khan’s sister Ayra leaves her after a fallout, actress breaks down, watch video

Television actress Sara Khan and her sister Ayra often remains in the news regarding their sensious pics. The duo often goes on vacations and keeps their fans updated.

But recently, the sisters had a big fight and Ayra has left Sara because of the same reason. After which, Sara gets angry and deleted all her sister’s pictures.

She captioned the video as, “Not a joke. For all those who r making up stories watch the full video ,,, yess deleting the pictures was my stupidity .. before anyone makes it dirty and write any wrong stuff or talk anything….Hereby I share my heart out through my own platform … as once u r a public figure u can hide nothing !!! No one must dare to make any false stories … [sic],”

In the video, the actress is seen saying “I am making this video to let you guys know that Ayra, my younger sister, whom I love the most… jitne bhi log mere aas paas hain wo jaante hain ki wo mere liye kya maayne rakhti hai. I treated her like my daughter. But right now I unfollowed her and deleted all the pictures.”

“Bahut saare log bahut saari baateinn kar rahe hain. Sab kuch galat hai, kuch sahi nahin hai. Sach ye hai which I am going to tell you guys. She is 18 now and is mature enough to take care of her. She doesn’t want anyone to boss over her, which is not wrong because she is mature and understands life. I am nobody to tell her what to do and what not to. I tried to become her mother and control her. Now, she has left me and left me for good.” she added.

She continued,  “I was just trying to be a good sister. Kyunki jo galtiyan maine ki thi, mein nahi chahthi thi ki woh kare! Doston ki parakh kare, sahi galat ko samjhe. That’s it! May be I was wrong, my way of telling her was wrong! So she left me and I just let her go. So, if you hear anything what happened between me and her from others, it’s all rubbish. The truth is she has grown up beautifully and now she can take care of herself. Theek hai, bacche bhi toh parents ko chhodkar chale jaate hain, I also came to Mumbai, left my parents. I can’t stick to my parents all the time. So it’s ok. And about deleting her pictures. I did that! But I love her a lot and may God bless her and that’s it!”

Ayra too shared her side of the story. Sharing a note, Ayra wrote, “All I request you guys is to give us positivity 🙏😇 #love #peace.” The note said, “I love my sister so much she is my Ego and my pride no one will be ever able to segregate and divide us And also no has rights to interfere our family and privacy between sisters!” – (sic).

“She will remain my everything. She is my elder sister I will never ever allow anyone to show my sister down. Let feel love and respect us Human being let’s we don’t divide someone’s Family Any-kind of propaganda defamation and fabricated agenda will never ever divide me with my lovely sister!” she wrote.

When Spotboye contacted Sara to know the story, the actress said, “I have already said my side on my platform. I don’t wish to talk about it in the media.”

credits: Instagram

Sara Khan’s sister Ayra leaves her after a fallout, actress breaks down, watch video Sara Khan’s sister Ayra leaves her after a fallout, actress breaks down, watch video Reviewed by bollykeeda on October 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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