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Top 7 Actresses Who Want To Marry With Salman Khan But He Rejected

1) Lulia Vantur

What would we be able to say in regards to this relationship? She’s Romanian, who needed to become wildly successful in B-town. She met Salman and his family, knowing the on-screen character by and by, Iulia was prepared to surrender everything she could ever hope for just to settle down in existence with People’s Man, Salman. In any case, the performing artist with substantial heart said no to the remote diva, as he needs to be liberated from the court cases he’s as of now battling before focusing on somebody.

2) Daisy Shah

She was a foundation artist who knows Salman from her battling days. Taking a gander at her diligent work and devotion, the performing artist offered Daisy the part of Kareena’s companion in ‘Bodyguard’. The ‘Jai Ho’ on-screen character wasn’t quite inspired by the offer lastly Salman offered her a lead part in Sohail Khan’s creation ‘Jai Ho’. In spite of the fact that there were reports of them dating one another genuinely, Salman knew she’s a trying performer and offering her motion picture offers is the best arrangement instead of some significant duties.

3) Zarine Khan

The “Veer” on-screen character succeeded to make vast hearted Salman purchase a 3 BHK in Bandra, Mumbai for her; in any case, the “Kick” performing artist was sufficiently astute to acknowledge proposition which can make him feel they are veritable.

4) Katrina Kaif

By this time, performing artist Salman Khan sufficiently developed manage striving for on-screen characters the way specialists ought to handle. Getting Katrina enough contacts and work in Bollywood, the ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ performing artist caught her in the act talking for quite a long time with Ranbir Kapoor. This came about intensity in Salman-Ranbir’s kinship and an eternity NO for Katrina from Salman.

5)  Aishwarya Rai

It wouldn’t not be right on the off chance that we say this was the extraordinary experience for Salman Khan. The performing artist was not able trust his sweetheart because of his past encounters, which made Aishwarya discover comfort in Vivek Oberoi, making one of the greatest issues ever in Bollywood.

6)  Somy Ali

The performer was a colossal enthusiast of the colorful and daring on-screen character. They were in relationship for entirely at some point, yet Salman wasn’t prepared to settle in life and notwithstanding Somy demanding, the performing artist requesting that her turn on in life.

7) Sangeeta Bijlani

The leggy girl was frantically enamored with the youthful and not all that acclaimed on-screen character that time. On the other hand, reasons best known not made Salman drop their marriage even in the wake of getting the wedding cards distributed.

credits: bollywoodpapa
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