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That’s why Salman Khan hates John Abraham !

Salman Khan is known for his rivalries and John Abraham is one of those celebs, who couldn’t make a place in the good books of the Superstar. It was reported that during a dance tour, Salman & John indulged into a spat and since then things have been stressed out between them.

However in 2011, when John Abraham graced the show Bigg Boss, which was being hosted by Salman Khan, everyone was left surprised to see their bond on the show and at the same time, John talked about his ‘rivalry’ with Salman.

In an interview to HT, John was quoted as saying, “I feel my rivalry with Salman Khan was overplayed a lot. As none of us has ever said anything wrong about each other in the media, it’s the ‘sources’ that did all the damage. But, I am happy as all’s well that ends well. I respect him a lot and he is extremely courteous. We got along really well.”

What Went Wrong Between Them?

Things went wrong between Salman & John, during the Rockstars concert. Reportedly, John had ticked off Salman at the concert over some monetary issue and earned himself a place in the superstar’s bad books.

Cold War During The Film Shoot

The duo has also worked together in Babul along with Rani Mukerji. But it was reported that even during the shoot of the film; Salman & John shared a cold vibe and avoided bumping into each other on the sets of the film.

credits: zimbio
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